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Regulatory Serialization

As more and more governments are making serialization mandatory, the key is to understand your business process and changes you would have to implement on your production line with the least amount of disruption.

PharmaSecure has a proven track record of implementing quality solutions for global serialization mandates by seamlessly integrating our solution to your existing processes with minimal down time of manufacturing lines.

We provide a complete L1-L5 solution, including hardware and software components for your needs.

Our psID(R) Manage software suite is built using a modular approach with add-ons for different global mandates. This ensures the least amount of disruption to your production lines.

US DSCSA : Our flexible and secure cloud-based solution integrates with your existing production line and stores your manufacturing data for easy access to your supply chain. Each client gets their own unique instance which gives them the flexibility to customize the solution based on their unique processes and requirements.

India DGFT All the products being exported from India into foreign countries should have a 2D or 1D datamatrix on their secondary and tertiary level packaging with the following information: GTIN, Batch Code, Expiry Date, Serial Number.

EU FMD Starting February 2019, all products distributed in the European Union will need to have serialization, with data uploaded into the EMVO Hub.  Our solution can help you comply with this mandate.

MAS Nigeria We are a leading, NAFDAC-approved provider of Mobile Authentication Service scratch-labels for anti-malarial and antibiotic drugs being sold in Nigeria.  For additional security, labels are shipped in an inactive state; you will activate them online when you receive them. NRN number and other documentation required.

Russia Serialization All Pharmaceutical products, including OTC medications to be serialized with 2D Datamatrix by 1st January 2020. This Datamatrix will be composed with cryptographic codes alongside GS1 Unique product code and serial number.

India Domestic Serialization: A recent decision by the Drug Testing Advisory Board will require unique 14-digit codes on the top 300 brands in India, coupled with text-based verification.  PharmaSecure is a global leader in this technology, with deep expertise in line integration with various printers.

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PharmaSecure has over a decade of experience and expertise in providing anti-counterfeiting serialization and comprehensive track and trace solutions. Billions of packages being distributed globally contain unique PharmaSecure identifiers. PharmaSecure has a proven track record of implementing quality solutions that require few deviations from existing processes, minimizing down time of manufacturing lines. Wherever possible, we collaborate for seamless integration with industry standard printers, vision systems and other partners. PharmaSecure tools are easy to use and have been endorsed by leading manufacturers in India, Nigeria, China and Canada. PharmaSecure provides the best support and services in the industry. But don’t take our word for it – ask our customers.