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Brand Protection

Uniquely identify your products

We generate unique numeric or alphanumeric identifiers for each consumer-level pack of your product, and apply these identifiers in human-readable or barcode form via various means, depending on your requirements. These identifiers can then be verified by your consumers via text-message or mobile app, providing a simple, powerful tool to protect against counterfeiting.
Solutions for high-volume products
Data matrix or human-readable codes printed directly on packages allow for low unit cost protection that is ideal for high-volume products, with minimal changes to production. These solutions can be coupled with incentives to achieve the desired verification rate and can be integrated with your existing loyalty programs.
Solutions for high-value products

We work with label vendors to provide eye-catching labels with scratch-off or peel-off portions that obscure a unique human readable code or scannable 2D data matrix. Consumers and others in the supply chain can verify these codes by SMS or smartphone app. While these labels alone can result in high response rates, even higher rates of registration can be attained via simple incentives for verification. Consumers can also be channeled into existing loyalty programs. These solutions are best for high-value products and can be integrated with a variety of other security features.

Brand Manager

Are you concerned about:

  • Potential counterfeiting of your products?
  • Maintaining brand equity of your key products and managing consumer trust?
  • Knowing more about sales of your product by region and product?


We can help you

  • Pinpoint the location of suspected counterfeits
  • Identify each consumer pack by applying unique codes or doing a back-end integration with existing serialization on your package
  • Visualize consumer-pack interactions on a real-time dashboard.
  • Discourage counterfeiters
  • Engage your users by putting the power in their hands to verify their products.


Supply Chain Professional

Are you concerned about:

  • Tracking product diversion
  • Identifying vulnerable points in the supply chain
  • Maximizing efficiency


We can help you

  • Locate key events in your supply chain and track flagged events
  • Identify multiple points of verifications across different levels of packaging
  • Map key metrics, like time-to-market and regional verifications, that will help you identify inefficiencies in real-time.