Nigeria – NAFDAC MAS

Are your operations compliant with Nigeria’s NAFDAC regulations?

PharmaSecure can help you by extending support and services to make your organization compliant with Nigeria’s NAFDAC MAS requirements. Need more information? Get in touch with us today and request a quote for our NAFDAC MAS compliance solutions.

What are Nigeria’s NAFDAC regulations?

As per Directive issued by NAFDAC Nigeria:

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers as well as importers, distributors and marketers of anti-malarial &antibiotic drugs in Nigeria must implement Mobile Authentication Service (MAS).
  • This is to be done by putting scratch-off label on the pharmaceuticals to stop imitation and put the power of detecting counterfeit regulated products in the hands of Nigerians
  • The scratch-off labels are required to unveil codes that can be authenticated by end customers through an SMS to a toll-free number

How PharmaSecure can help

PharmaSecure is one of the leading providers of regulatory serialization solutions, like Nigeria MAS labels to pharmaceutical companies operating in Nigeria, India and around the world.

PharmaSecure is one of the very few companies which have been authorised by NAFDAC.

Our solutions are backed by an experienced team that understands the criticality of plant operations and the complexities of Printers and Vision systems. Our teams support you during the entire lifecycle of your NAFDAC journey and ensure you maintain compliance with regulations moving forward.

Why PharmaSecure?

  • Authorised by NAFDAC for regulatory serialization
  • 100% compliance to NAFDAC directive
  • On Demand Print and Ship service
  • Quick implementation
  • Require minimal training/education to end users
  • Optional security measure (Hologram/ Watermark etc.) can be embedded.


For more details, please contact us or mail to: sales@pharmasecure.com or call us on 022-67556011